Writing a cv with LaTeX

In the past I used classicthesis as a template to write my cv with LaTeX. If you want to get a template for this, I have uploaded one recently at github. Here is the link :
cv_classicthesis.tex at github

I compiled this template with pdflatex. Here is an example of output I get when I compiled this template from this file :

Also, notice that you can get a modified template (which I personally dislike) made by an italian. Here is the link at ctan :

Arsclassica at ctan.org

If you use Ubuntu or any other Unix Operating system with Gnome, then type Alt+F2 and in the prompt enter texdoc arsclassica :

And here is the output you get when you compile the *.tex file :

But recently, I have stopped to use classicthesis as the template of my cv, and I have sticked to another one, really amazing, called moderncv.

I have put a copy of the template and my cv made with it at Github. For a complete documentation and examples, take a look at the directory where the documentation of your distribution is located. If you use Ubuntu with TeXlive 2009, you might find it at /usr/share/doc/texlive-latex-extra/moderncv. If you don’t find it, then take a look at here :

moderncv at ctan.org

Here is an example of the output you will get when you will compile your cv with the casual version of moderncv :

Pretty great, huh ?

Also, when you will take a look at the template, you will notice there is a choice between 2 flavors, casual and classic. Here is a picture of a classic version (and its source file is here) :

If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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