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Polices de caractères japonaises/Japanese fonts

Whereas understanding the french language is a problem for most people in the world, english might be ok. Thus, in order to be understood by everyone, I will write titles both in french and in english, and texts in english (though my english level is quite bad).

Installing fonts might be a problem for newbies discovering any distribution of linux, even ubuntu. Here are some tips related to japanese fonts :

  • With Windows, japanese common font is MS明朝. With GNU/Linux, it is IPA明朝. I recommend downloading it from here. It is a set of fonts, you will get : IPA明朝/IPA Mincho, IPA P明朝/IPA P Mincho, IPAゴシック/IPA Gothic (Sans serif), IPA Pゴシック/IPA P Gothic.
  • Several interesting fonts are also available here. Just scroll the bar and you will see all available fonts.
  • You can get also other japanese fonts with synaptic : search with “font” and “japanese” as keywords and you will get a list of available japanese fonts.
  • Finally copy all your fonts in a new folder, called “.fonts”. When copying is finished, put your folder in the /home/Your_Name directory, where “Your_Name” is your user name.
  • This is not exactly the purpose of this post, but for western language like french or english, I recommend using Freeserif. This is the font I used for my graduation thesis. You can get it with synaptic, or in a terminal :

sudo apt-get install ttf-freefont

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